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How to clean contact lenses correctly

Contact lens solution is a very important part of contact lens wear. It helps lenses to remain wet and comfortable and it removes bacteria, microorganisms and deposits.

What to avoid and how to use the solution

Main types of contact lens solutions

1) Hydrogen peroxide-based lens care systems

These solutions usually contain 3 percent of hydrogen peroxide. Their action is triggered either by a tablet or by a disc at the bottom of the lens case. Hydrogen peroxide-based cleaning is undoubtedly the most effective and healthiest way of contact lens cleaning. It is even efficient against amoebas.

2) Chemical contact lens care systems

This group includes all non-peroxide solutions available on the market (see Contact lens solutions section). Some have a “NO RUB” indication. We would like to express disagreement with disinfecting the contact lenses without rubbing. In an effort to make the contact lens care as attractive as possible, many manufacturers began recommending this cleaning method. However, compared with the traditional method, the cleaning, deposit removal as well as disinfection results are incomparably worse without rubbing. The best way is to remove the lens, put a few drops of solution on it and then rub it between your fingers (thumb and index finger) or put it in your palm and rub it with the tip of your finger from side to side or using circular motion.


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