Ponovi prošlu narudžbu

Exchange Guarantee

Do you need different parameters?

If the parameters of your contact lenses have currently changed and you have stocked up on the old ones, do not panic. An exchange can be arranged for up to a year after the original purchase date, given that you can provide all your receipts as proofs of your original purchase.

The exchange guarantee applies to:

• unopened and undamaged packages of contact lenses
• contact lenses purchased at the Lenses-contact.co.uk e-shop
• dioptric contact lenses labelled with „365 Guarantee“

How the exchange works?

Send the unopened and undamaged packages by post to our Returns address together with a proof of purchase issued by the Lenses-contact.co.uk e-shop and a request for exchange that will include new parameters :)
We guarantee a FREE delivery of all exchanged items back to your address.

How much will the exchange cost?

You will pay only for the postage for the lenses that you want to return.
We will send replacement lenses with new parameters back to your address FOR FREE.
It means you will not pay anything to us.