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Dealer discount system

Dealer system


By recommending our shop, you can get financial bonuses toward your next purchase! After you have confirmed your first order, you will receive your dealer code by e-mail. If your friends or those you have referred to our online shop enter your dealer code into the appropriate box in their shopping cart or product detail, they will immediately receive a 5% discount off of current prices. After 3 weeks of sending paid orders, our system will credit you with the same amount.
The dealer code is not intended for use by the customer to which it was originally generated.


Cody made a purchase worth £100 and received a dealer code indicating 044fjrlu. He sent his code by e-mail to his colleague Annie and also told his girlfriend Rebecca about it. Annie used the code and ordered products worth £80. However, she didn't pay the full price because of the 5% discount, which reduced the bill to £76. Rebecca also used the code and ordered goods for £90, and she also paid 5% less, making her total £84.5.
Now Cody benefits most from this deal, because a credit of 5% on purchases from both Annie and Rebecca was added to his account, totalling £8.5.
After some time, Cody will make another purchase worth a £100 again, but this time he won't pay the full price of £100, but the price will be lowered by £8.5, making the final price £91.5.

Where to find my credit balance?

Enter your username and password to view your account. Information about your credit balance can be seen here, as well as all orders.

Where to share my dealer code?

You can share your dealer code with all your friends, family, colleagues. And you can also share your code on social media and help strangers.

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